AIR DATE: 1/23/23

We must integrate the multiple, simultaneous layers so that we can all move the multiple, simultaneous possibilities. How cultivate quantum structures of mind? For our next level of mutual living together….

AIR DATE: 2/27/23

As we find tech chips embedded in almost anything, and everything being connected to everything that we're in, there's a tendency to want to turn our life over to artificial intelligence.

AIR DATE: 3/31/23

Less than a year ago was reported that something like 4.5 million people resign their jobs in one week, companies working to increase effectiveness and efficiency, had us moving to a place where we had fewer and fewer people doing more and more work, which led to perhaps the great resignation.

AIR DATE: 5/1/23

Layers of civilization have a map for what it means to be a high functioning adult in our culture. So that we could say that that map then has been concretized over time in a culture in a way that’s concretized the map.

AIR DATE: 6/1/23

What is a 6.0 Leader then for a 5.0 world ? Embrace being at the Farpoint … that place at the frontier of our being; at the frontiers of our culture and ecosystems, at the frontier of change.

air date: 6/30/23

Letting go of being certain of our certainty, invites the ongoing-ness of life in the new world. This creates a kind of compass that gives direction, in correlation with the changes of a new structure of mind.

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