Inquiry As An Antidote

What methods will make a difference? How will you get to know the potential of your business more fully? And how will that knowing help the planet?

Our world is not well, and this is becoming an evermore complex problem with the speed of change only accentuating and accelerating the dilemma. Inquiry is a potential antidote. Could you be working beyond brand, beyond market share, beyond short-term goals?

Dynamic inquiry is open-ended. It does not result in static answers. Rather this model of questioning opens into new fields of awareness and deeper, richer questions for reflection. This process can lead to something we never expected.

Here’s an example of dynamic inquiry. “What makes your company unique?” To some extent, every company’s uniqueness is aspirational. You may be unique in some ways and yet not as unique in others. Dynamic inquiry, the asking of these open-ended questions, naturally creates a thread where leadership and the team can cross that divide from looking at where we are now to where we could position ourselves differently. This method of dynamic inquiry can open up the depth and breadth of thinking about a company. Dynamic inquiry is so germane to developing a new awareness in business that we have explored this method in a white paper available on our website, entitled “Inquiring into Inquiry.”

Artfully, with elegance and skill, and in tune with life, we want our business to prosper. At the same time, we want to overturn that old, tired adage, “This is the way business is done.” The way business has been done has not led us to prosperity for all. How can we show a new way business can be done and done well? What does it take to be the difference that makes the difference?


For a deeper look at inquiry, read our full white paper.

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