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At the heart of The HuPerson Project is a discovery. Our living system is in trouble right now. In order to take care of our whole ecosystem, we need to become whole human beings, skillful with new ways of knowing beyond our habitual ways of thinking, doing, and being. With the future as our ally, business can accomplish great things, creating prosperity and bringing needed stewardship to our world. Rather than simply projecting the present onto the road ahead, together we can align with a new vision and real change. The HuPerson Project will co-design your business with you, cultivating the courage to be bold at the intersection of all contradictions.

Our Team
Meet The Designers

Inquiry + science + art + spirit = an inspired team who has taken a deep dive into new ways of knowing to tap into a new intelligence for business leadership.


Jill Taylor


Daniel Goodenough


Michelle Cooper

Executive Coach

Liam Mullaney

Director of Opportunities

Veronica Satalich

Business Design Strategist

Tasha Cooper

Executive Coordinator

Mindy Crumpacker

Systems & Learning Development

Danielle Mason

Business Development

Christine Paquette


Carissa Kazyss


Jeanne Salvato

Brand Strategy

Julia Plowman

Published Work
We’ve Got Big Ideas

Take a look at these informative explorations that will expand your range of skills, broaden your capacity, and address the exponential changes facing business.

From Slow to Timeless

In our fast-paced world, a number of movements support “slowing down” – from slow food and slow journalism to slow business. While these approaches are meant to help us take a break or shift out of high pressure fast paced environments that can feel unnatural and leave us feeling burned out, we offer a different […]

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Inquiring into Inquiry: What is dynamic inquiry?

Many of us imagine that we understand inquiry. After all, we make about 35,000 choices per day, many of which are linked to asking ourselves questions. Yet is that inquiry? In this paper we explore the way dynamic inquiry can advance the vision of your company in surprising ways. SHORT TERM INQUIRY Business leaders are […]

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Retention strategies: Do you really mean it?

As leaders, we hope that if we dress our mission statement up in heels and a hat that we will attract the employees we need. And keep them at that! Perhaps this strategy worked at one time or even worked for a short time. But employees now, especially after the pandemic, take a different, more […]

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