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Choosing Destiny

Do you know what ignites you? Why it ignites you and what it's for? Are you working on what matters to you? And why that's important now? Are you contributing at the level you are called to, or meant to? Are you ready to say this is mine to do?

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About this experience

Understand this miracle of the eight billion to one uniqueness. This miracle, called a human being, and namely you, has an opportunity to answer the question, “What is my purpose for being?” This great mystery, called a human being’s journey, asks from each of us a uniquely profound thing. A great step for one person will not be so for the next. Each of us is given the perfect opportunity to make the choice that will be our soul’s greatest stretch.

If our Destiny is everything we’re here for, then in every beauty, heartbreak, disappointment, test, and wonderful, magical, mystical thing that life has to give, reminds us: Our calling is in every moment of faith and hope, when the sun has yet to rise, that our soul requires to know that we know, that we know our Destiny and its why.

The person that we know ourselves to be today is the result of all the small choices we’ve made, leading to all the big choices that follow. If you want to manifest a why, you’ll have to let go of who you think you are to become who you’re called to be.

“I am now excited and hopeful about the plans I am creating....I am at peace and content that the future holds great things for me.”

Course participant

Commonly Asked Questions

Who is leading this experience?

Daniel Goodenough and Jill Taylor, co-founders of the HuPerson Project.

Why this course? Why now?

A shared vision isn’t enough to create the world we most want. We all have skills, talents and gifts to offer, yet if we haven’t learned to listen to a deeper sense of call, we’ll miss the ignition we need to fully bring about the changes we want to see. Our world needs each of us to step into the greatness that is ours to be, do and become. We are in a time when being at the right place at the right time to bring about what is within us to come forth will come down to our skillful presence, in the unique way each of us is designed to express.

Who is this course for?

You sense there is something more for you to do, bring, and create. You are ready to lean in, listen, and cultivate the knowing that will allow you to live into your unique-as-a-snowflake call. The invitation to do the work that needs to be done doesn’t dissuade you. You know this isn’t a ‘one and done’ process for upleveling your life, and you are up for the challenge. You’ve been preparing for a leap into an unknown place that is, at the same time, known to the deepest part of you. You sense a readiness to step into ‘next’ with more presence, poise and preparation than before, towards a future that is calling you forward.

What will I learn?

  • Time-honored practices for uncovering the elements of what you uniquely are here to explore, do and become
  • Expanded awareness of your ‘self’, inner and outer that will allow you to tap into your inner knowing
  • A connection to the directionality of your inner compass that will help you navigate any cross-roads
  • A body of work that has been in development for 30+ years and embraced by thousands of students
  • Tools and processes you can apply to the upleveling of the whole of your life

What is the course process?

  • We work in a small, intimate group over 8 weeks with inquiry, exercises, and individual and group sharing.
  • Begin a process of deep work, using the simple and effective practices we’ve identified that anyone can become more masterful at living their destiny.


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