Experience awake aware design Jun 7 - 8, 2024

Introduction to Executive Design

We’ll explore how to move into a new space of knowing that begins with an inquiry, asking questions that show the importance of knowing why we are here for. Related questions such as, What does that call you to? Who does that call you to become?

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About this experience

As an executive leader in today’s world, whether present to it or not, lives at the intersection of all contradiction. We’re already encountering complex, wicked problems, working at the pace of exponential change. Stepping into unknown territory with the need for new maps.

Leaders at this crossroads are recalibrating priorities. McKinsey & Company research says that by 2026, 50% of company revenues will come from products, services, or businesses that haven’t yet been created. The way we are present to the complexity of today’s world has a lot to do with the way we think. Not our opinions about what is happening, or the strategic plans we make to address it. We’re talking about the actual thinking process we use in the first place that decides what we will focus on or not, and how we will respond, or react.

Our thinking is housed inside a structure of mind that constantly orients us and tells us what is possible, or not. To address the unprecedented problems of our time, we need an unprecedented way of orienting, outside of our conditioned mind.

During the 2 days, we’ll explore how to move into a new space of knowing that begins with an inquiry, asking questions that shows the importance of knowing why we are here for, creating a new approach to leadership. Moving into an experience of transrational design awareness, with skill practices of consciousness and mastery, prepare you for an emerging, unknown future that wants to happen.

The real battle in the world today is not among civilizations or cultures, but among different evolutionary futures that are possible for us and our species right now. What is at stake is nothing less than the choice of who we are, who we want to be, and where we take the world we live in. The real question then, is “What are we here for?”

Otto Scharmer
Presencing Institute

Commonly Asked Questions

Who is this experience for?

Leaders who are ready to meet the challenges of our time, from an entirely different place. A place just beyond good/bad, right/wrong, correct/incorrect to address our challenges, accessing an unprecedented level of awake aware wisdom.

Who is leading this experience?

Daniel Goodenough and Jill Taylor, co-founders of the HuPerson Project.

Why this experience, why now?

Life is ready-ing us to take a leap in our collective & individual evolution, as we now we face wicked and insidious challenges. Leading from a different place, from awake aware wisdom, is important to our success in navigating both growth and challenges. Awake aware wisdom is the same state we’re touching into when we have an epiphany. A eureka moment. We need legendary leaders in the world, leading from a place of epiphany to access what’s moving through and wants to happen, in new ways.


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