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We’ve entered an age of unprecedented, irrevocable, exponential changes including AI, Block Chain, digital & global economic troubles, and climate risk occur simultaneously, and require something different from our usual thinking about business. 

We need new ways of engaging with the reality around us to help us see with new eyes what is possible. There is a terrain our minds typically inhabit centered around moral, ethical and rational questions such as: is this good or bad? is it right or wrong? is it correct or incorrect? By continually referring to these dichotomies, we miss crucial information about what may be incoming from a higher, wider view.

The co-founders of The HuPerson Project will work with you on a challenge you bring to the table using a process to help you generate a more complex and spacious approach to your business.   

Step by step, we come to see both the current ‘view’ we are holding and move to a view that transcends our current mental structures. Then we do the work of refining this new vision to make it actionable. 

You’ll unpack a level of untapped possibility, leaving you more energized and more focused on the higher potential that exists in any situation or challenge.

3 reasons to register for a roundtable session:

  1. Generate a more complex and spacious approach.
  2. Develop a new understanding that will alter your orientation to your current challenge as well as other aspects of your business.
  3. Gain an energetic uplift that will move you into new action.

Whenever an economic paradigm is unable to provide useful answers to a period’s biggest challenges, Society will enter a transitional period in which sooner or later it replaces the existing logic and operating system with an updated and better one.

Thomas Kuhn
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s included when you register

An 80-minute session with the co-founders of The HuPerson Project, Jill Taylor and Daniel Goodenough, who have coached and mentored many leaders to extraordinary results, both personally and professionally. The session is our gift to you.  It’s a way of getting to know each other and offering you something of high value which is immediately applicable.

Who is the leadership experience for?

Leaders who are ready to meet what may feel like impossible transitions from an entirely different place, a more spacious, unencumbered awareness.

Who is leading this experience

Daniel Goodenough & Jill Taylor, co-founders of The HuPerson Project, have developed processes, practices, and a proprietary framework over 30 years. This work has been prototyped and well-honed with leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and companies.

What people are saying

“This roundtable gives me a whole perspective on what I’m working with, why I’m stalled, and a higher wisdom about what I’m up to with it all. I’m so thankful.” –Integrative Medicine physician, San Francisco

“…I can see why this is so useful for my C-suite execs and myself in need of our own further development.” – BP Leadership Development Executive


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