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The business community is a powerhouse catalyst for change in our time. Through focused, tested methods, business leaders leave behind conditioned habits of mind, and develop a new intelligence, a deeper awareness of what business calls for today.

How We Future Proof Your Business Through Executive Couture Design

Our inspiration for custom design comes from haute couture with its emphasis on specially-made solutions, combining intelligence, elegance and beauty. As we address the depth and breadth of your company, our executive design team helps you experience a new way of being to continually lead with your company’s future. The discovery at the heart of the HuPerson project will surprise you, as you combine profit with beauty, goodness, and stewardship.


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A New Way Of Knowing

Look through a new lens at the business of business. Informative and provocative white papers, insights, and press releases.

From Slow to Timeless

In our fast-paced world, a number of movements support “slowing down” – from slow food and slow journalism to slow business. While these approaches are meant to help us take a break or shift out of high pressure fast paced environments that can feel unnatural and leave us feeling burned out, we offer a different […]

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Inquiring into Inquiry: What is dynamic inquiry?

Many of us imagine that we understand inquiry. After all, we make about 35,000 choices per day, many of which are linked to asking ourselves questions. Yet is that inquiry? In this paper we explore the way dynamic inquiry can advance the vision of your company in surprising ways. SHORT TERM INQUIRY Business leaders are […]

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Retention strategies: Do you really mean it?

As leaders, we hope that if we dress our mission statement up in heels and a hat that we will attract the employees we need. And keep them at that! Perhaps this strategy worked at one time or even worked for a short time. But employees now, especially after the pandemic, take a different, more […]

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