A Business With A Conscience Or Conscious Business?

Our co-founders Jill Taylor and Daniel Goodenough had the pleasure of writing for Fast Company this month.

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CEO Excellence: Building Trust

In CEO Excellence, the authors Dewar, Keller and Malhorta, who are senior partners at McKinsey & Company, tackle a complicated mandate in a thorough way. We’d like to discuss some aspects of their project here, adding our own insights as well. The book came into being because there were few resources about what a CEO […]

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What’s In A Name? Why Are We The HuPerson Project?

We’d like to talk a little about the striking title we’ve chosen for our approach to doing business differently. Let’s start with “person.” Initially, the word meant to “sing through,” meaning that an actor wearing a mask could be heard on stage. This way of distinguishing the individual gradually came to mean a human being. […]

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What Is Conscious Business & How Can We Cultivate It?

To have a conscience in business, and to be a conscious business leader, are seemingly similar terms. Yet are they? Somehow, we have collapsed the distinction between conscience and conscious, eclipsing an important difference. Investigating how these terms are different is crucial in developing a leader whose awareness becomes more inclusive, more flexible, and more […]

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Freedom’s ROI: Uncovering The Business Advantage

Freedom in business can be a tricky concept, yet vital to success. As leaders, we have dedicated ourselves to the stewardship of our company, juggling the expectations of the board and the pressures of the economy. Tasked to manage profit, employees, the customer, and all the outside forces from unions to the UN, how can […]

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A New Mindset

In our first insight piece, we featured the elusive nightingale, a rare creature of beauty, being pursued by the king’s courtiers. Unfortunately, the courtiers had no idea what the nightingale sounded like, so how could they find her? In my experience as CEO, this is familiar to me. I have seen leaders seek to position […]

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Inquiry As An Antidote

What methods will make a difference? How will you get to know the potential of your business more fully? And how will that knowing help the planet? Our world is not well, and this is becoming an evermore complex problem with the speed of change only accentuating and accelerating the dilemma. Inquiry is a potential […]

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Our holiday month of December includes lots of ways to celebrate and to reflect on the ways we participate in the winter season. Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, in the Jewish tradition, takes place from nightfall on Thursday, Dec. 7 to nightfall on Friday, Dec. 15. The winter solstice, which means “the […]

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What’s the Role of Freedom in Business?

Freedom and business may seem like the odd couple. And yet, paradoxically, it is being free from old habits of mind and free from “business as usual” that will give leaders a new vantage point from which to direct their company. Business as usual can include not only old habits of mind, but also accustomed […]

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The Top Five Trends To Watch In The Future Of Work

Exponential Acceleration of Disruption and the interconnections of those disruptions. We saw enormous disruption during the pandemic, in the way it affected not only people’s health but also their livelihoods. Schools were closed. Political polarisation became sharper. We will become more capable of handling the disruptions and addressing the links between them. Our necessary mindset […]

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Can’t I Figure This Out On My Own?

It can be hard to hear the call of the future amidst the din of fads and outmoded business practices. The future is often like the elusive nightingale. According to the folk tale, a Chinese emperor is complimented on the presence of a nightingale in his court. Embarrassed because he has never heard it, he […]

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Cultivating Freedom

Cultivating freedom is not the usual title of an MBA course and not top on the list of what business leaders need. As a business community, we are overlooking a valuable asset, namely freedom.

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